Tandemania !

the stock bike 2003

We got this KHS  ‘tandemania comp’ in 2003, one of 3 the importer brought into Singapore. A none too light steel beast that has done only about 1000 kms so far. It had a front suspension fork on and off a few times which increased it’s weight but I’ve settled on a rigid Kona or Salsa later on. The wheels are just right with Sun Rhyno 40 hole rims and a rarely seen Shimano XT high flanged hubset also with 40 holes each. Bombproof.  I’ve downsized the crankset to just 2 chainrings of 32 and 44 teeth seeing that we don’t do extremely slow or fast rides. A bike to stop and smell the roses. A bike to bond with the missus and  quell any back itch as there are 2 spare hands within reach of me 🙂

the front end too elevated with a Marzocchi Bomber fork

We took  it home from the bike shop, on a cool Sunday evening, both of us having never ridden a tandem in our lives. There was a lot of giggling, laughing and some white knuckles.

SOLD in late 2011 to a good friend, who wanted to ride with his 2 daughters, one at a time of  course, before they were ‘shipped’ to England and boarding school.


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