Surly LHTrucker

A cranky head badge

Since I was doing a fair bit of touring, this purchase was as inevtiable as income tax. A longer wheel base bike was in the works as I kept compromising with my other too ‘mountain bikey’ bikes with a serious lack of braze ons. With the Trucker the braze ons were plenty for racks, mudguards and bottles. In fact the bike would be just incomplete without these add ons. I’ve held out on the sidestand so far. The long chainstays meant space for heels and large volume panniers. My front Ortleibs actually look like small phone books when mounted on the rear of the LHT.

As usual I did not need to get the whole bike though at SG $1800 retail, it was quite a good deal. A friend recently got one complete 2010 black LHT at 30% off that price, but my 2007 hospital linen blue frame (size 52 cm) cost only abt $500 and has paid for itself in many long distance trips. With the LHT the cockpit was a delight or on the other hand disdain, when it came to choices of handlebars and controls. I’ve gone through 5 versions and so when and if I am happy with the final combination that’ll be my LHT 5.0 or 6.0.

Tyre choices are going to be another bother……..

V 1.0 was a rush job to get rolling, wrong wheels and handle bar

More experimentation. V 2.0 somewhere in there, choose a handle bar, none were 100% satisfactory…

and the Frog rims from Ambrosio was just a bit too bloody…….

3.0 with flat bars and ti bar ends. I carry my wife’s loads on tours. Looks nicer fully loaded. Bali 2008

New rims, soon to be extinct from the shops too

Drop bars and bar end shifters next, nicer stem and of course a mirror and full mudguards. She’s coming of age LHT V 4.0

V 4.0 and the cockpit is getting crowded 2009

V 5.0, I think, I hope


2011 and a racier looking top half. I was ‘arm twisted’ into getting the white un oversized Jamis road stem. At S$10 / US$8, it was a no brainer !

Late 2014 and ready for the hills of Thailand. V 7.0. V 6.0 had brown leather bar tape. Sold away the Planet Bike fenders, which were photo compliant but a real hassle to install and remove for flights. Getting lazy in my later years I guess.


V 6.0 2015. Back to a wide Nitto flat bar and retro ti bar ends. Off road compatible now, or at least better handling and braking. Weaned myself of drop bars and ‘the touring look’


  1. Mike says:

    Nice version 5.0 Chris.
    BTW will the butterfly touring bars be version 6.0?
    in your opinion, do the drop bars give a better riding position esp esp when spinning compared to the butterfly bar postions?

    The “spank me decal is interesting”


  2. Michael says:

    Hi Chris, I like the way you mmanaged to attach a mirror to the drop bars.
    What model of mirror and where did you buy it from?
    Available in S’pore & agak-agak how much?

    Mucho gracias!



  3. Amlyn says:

    Hi, what kind of mirrorrs do you have on your bike?
    What do you think of them?


    • ChrisW says:

      Amlyn, the mirror is a Cat Eye ‘Racing’ model that usually plugs into the end of a drop bar. The blue velcro attachment is from a hardware store, some sort of plastic hook to hang laundry. I glued the mirror to it. Not very strong and has since broke ;- (


  4. Steven says:

    Hi Chris, I am interested to get the blue Ortlieb rear bag, any idea where in Singapore I can get it from?


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