Miss Marin

a bike is born, fashionable triangular top and down tubes notwithstanding

Miss Marin is the wife’s bike. Her only bike. Like her, there can only be one, although bike parts get changed around from time to time. I bought it from a friend’s shop in of all places, Malang, East Java Indonesia in August 2003. All of US$65, brand new. One slight hitch. The seat tube was 27.1 mm. Industry standard as we all know now is 27.2 mm. Miniscule problem. I had a 27.0 mm XTR seat post that was too short for me. Found some XT parts, and  slapped on the ageing AMP F4 seen in other bikes and viola, we have a beautiful blue 23 lb BMX on steroids. Her touring ‘resume’ is short and sweet. Overnighters to Malaysia, twice to Bali, in 2006 and 2008 and once to Perth in 2005.


Roaming the parks in Perth, Oz-tra-lia ! 2005

Coleen’s previous bike was gulp, now I remember….a red 1994 Bridgestone MB 3 (at 46 cm, too big) which I gave away to my sister in law, in exchange for a Sony 20 inch colour TV. That makes Bridgestone # 4. See photo below.

Sometime in 1992 I got another Bridgestone MTB frame a green MB 5 which was a loaner to friends new to cycling. More when I get back to the scanner…..again.


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