GT Zaskar

Gleaming aluminium stuck onto an AMP F4 fork. Mismatched parts, Ringle, Race Face, Titec Control Tech etc. Never ending silly questions as to whether I had the frame 'chromed'

When a mountain bike is named after a west Nepal mountain range that’s part of the Himalayas, you’ve got to ask yourself, is it all clever, evocative marketing?  GT bikes have been around for decades, it’s ownership moving from one conglomerate to another.  In Feb of 2003. I maanged to lay my hands on a ‘naked’ 17 inch Zaskar frame (ie no decals) for a paltry SG$100. It was from a parallel importer who got it real cheap from a bulk purchase.

I try not to buy complete bikes as I have a ton of parts to pick and choose from or just buy a la carte from the LBS. Heck I should stop buying more bikes and parts but sometimes the $100 deal just smacks you in the face. It has been a recurrent thing, as a few more bikes down the road / years will attest to.

2 mismatched vehicles in Ubud, Bali 2003.

In touring mode, with a cheapo Bomber fork. Sedimen, east Bali 2003

At Bromo, East Java. Indonesia August 2003. The blood red panniers are Madden's from Colorado and still in use on dry days or sometimes loaned out to friends who cannot cant bring themselves to buy quality panniers.

Ride On !

Madame GT was sold in early 2004 I think. Relegated to be a friend’s wife’s bike with maybe 2 kms milage a year. Offers to take it back were kindly refused. The next MTB frame was sourced in Malaysia and even had a name to it.


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