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While driving in the mountains of Bali, on Sat. 30th April, I received some shocking and sad news that my good cycling buddy of almost 20 years had died in a road accident. He was killed in an unfortunate twist of fate, by a 19 year old drunk driver. Lo and behold, one with a drink driving record. A bike shop that he frequented a lot posted some first hand accounts on the day’s tragic events,

At the crater rim of Mt Bromo, East Java, Indonesia. 11.26 am 12th May 2009

I wanted to write something eloquent and poignant but changed my mind. Many good things have already been said about Paul during his wake. I had 3 weeks to think about it, one of which was in Bali. This is for all drink and/or drunk drivers, and knowing Paul who sometimes had a short temper, he would be of the same opinion. He wouldn’t say it to your face, but most times I could read his mind.

It’s quite simple really. Do what you love. For the perceived self esteem among your inebriated friends. We encourage you to drink even more, why stop at a few drinks? The police, laws, prison system, parents, spouse, mistress, bartender hasn’t stopped you, from drinking and then driving, so what’s another few rounds?

Please drink till you drive into a wall, tree or flip your car a few times. Do it at 160 kmp/h. Just don’t take an innocent life/lives with you. (The silly occupants in your car, excepted) A life that could wake up before dawn and cycle/ride 160 kms before lunch is over. A life who enjoyed a beer or two but knew when to stop. I harbour no anger or rage in writing this. Rage would mean getting some unsavoury character to split open your drunken skull, and we have to live with a human condition called guilt and remorse.

Think about it, simple logic at it’s best, less drunk drivers on the road, simple self eradication.

RIP Paul, as sure as you are not forgotten amongst us, you know his time will come.

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