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More faces from Bali

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Faces from Bali
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Gals from Ibu Rai's Restaurant, Ubud 1995

With time and a whole lot of patience, it’s wonderful what a sub $200 scanner can do to rejuvenate faded old prints and transparencies, consigned to old shoe boxes in the store room.  I wonder if my old Yashica T6 with it’s Leica lens can still start up. If trip # 29 or 30 to Bali happens soon, I blame it on reminiscing on old images from the early 90s, cheap budget air fares in the low season and a folding bike waiting to explore and re-explore it’s elder siblings favourite hunting, rather cycling grounds.

Kids in the mountains. not immune to hip hop

Hang Loose ??

Legong dance practice twice a week, Munduk 1996


Faces from the road : Bali

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Faces from Bali
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Mr Cool, Sr. 2000



Father of owner of Loka House, Ubud, Bali 2006

Pak (Mr) Loka Sr. hangs around his son’s 4 bedroom guest house close to Ubud’s football field most days. It’s not easy conversing with him, as he’s hard of hearing and wouldn’t understand my foreign Indonesian, much less Balinese anyway. We get along with charades. some sign language and a grunt here and there. I don’t think there’s a Balinese malady like amnesia or dementia. We once saw him massaging a man who had chronic back and shoulder pain, and this came in useful when Coleen’s ankle swelled up rapidly after she tripped on a high road kerb.

This was the 2nd day of the 2006 bike trip, not a good start. Apparently through a translator, he said that a quick massage was in order, if not, worse was to come…..drats. He applied some chalk and lime concoction and started using his big and deft hands on the enlarged ankle. High pitched screams from my wife followed……alll was well in a few hours and the next day she cycled as if she had new legs.

He sleeps in a small room next to a small kitchen on the property, and will scream for the houseboy/porter/gardener/cook/reception/cashier person of Loka House, if you want some thing or when you check in or out. Sometimes, you’ll have to keep a look out around a blind corner of the guest house, or behind a tree, lest you bump into him, and get the fright of your life. He likes to potter around the koi pond close to the open rice fields, where I took some of the photos. No one knows his age, close to ninety maybe. He has survived his daughter in law. I do hope to see him again on our March 2011 trip.


Made Bawa, retired school teacher, funnyman and owner, Guru Ratna Home Stay, Munduk village, north Bali 2003



spot the tourist 2000


Nyoman, manager since 1992, Ibu Rai Restaurant, Ubud 2008

Anik, head chef. co-owner, Sails Restaurant, Lipah Bay, Bali 2008

'George' a stranger on the 'alang alang' trail, Ubud, Bali 2006

Nyoman Merta Jaya and family, owner 3 Brothers Car rentals, Ubud 2006

"Need transport ?" 2006

Nur Rini, owner, Rini's Hotel, Lovina Beach, Bali 2008

Nyoman, "I feel strong this morning" houseboy, Warji House, Ubud, Bali 2008

Just a FAT monkey 2006