In November 2008, I found an old Brompton in a dumpster. What are the chances of that ? Parts of what used to be a Brompton.  Missing were wheels, it’s long seatpost, handle bar, brakes and shifters, crank etc. It’s like finding the chassis and beat up shell of a car, but this was no Corolla, it was a Brompton, which was evidently used, abused and dumped when it could no longer move. I seriously doubt that the previous owner / thief knew of it’s heritage or value, when it was serviceble.

Got on to research Brompton’s history and found that SJS Cycles in England did sell every manner of Brompton parts. I started slowly with grinding off some rust spots but the frame’s condition did not warrant a pro finish and another $200, so it was off to the hardware store and 2 cans of spray paint later, the final result looked pleasingly industrial.

The package from SJS Cycles consisted of the long Brompton stainless steel seatpost, 2 Rigida rims, tyres, tubes and spokes, and some pivots and bushings for the rear triangle.

3 months later and about $500 less rich, the bike was ticking and  rolling like an old  Swiss watch. Most of it was from the NOS  ‘new old stock’ 1975 Sturmey Archer 3 spd rear hub found in an old timer’s bike shop. The rear suspension was still working and the odd silky smooth ride round the block or to the supermarket, tells me that I should use it more often.

Dr Frankenstein would be proud

Overloaded in front with a 5 kg sack of rice

SOLD to bike shop that wanted to restore a restored Brommie. They had parts of it bronzed !

One of the few bikes in which I ‘made’ a loss of about 40%, but better that loss than a total loss, the longer I keep it.

  1. Leong says:

    I am proud of you in terms of green and sustainability development. Bravo!


  2. Kevin says:

    can’t believe you found a Brompton in the trash! what was the previous owner thinking?!?!


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