West Sumatra 1998 on the road from Matur to Maninjau. 

Still at it, near Sibolga, North Sumatra 2008

Stay tuned for a 2018 pic !

  1. Al says:

    Tulis something abt yrself here la 🙂


    • ChrisW says:

      With the exception of welding and painting, all my bikes are hand built/assembled by me !


    • ken says:

      Hi, I grew up in Msia but now live in the US. Around Chicago. Just took up bike touring. I have a blue LHT like yours. Anyway, I’m looking into possibly touring M’sia. Not sure about flying with my bike so I thought I’d contact you about renting, good routes, etc. I need info. So far I’ve not had much luck digging it up. I hope you can help. Cheers



  2. Michael says:

    Wah! Very interesting read lah! Very interesting reading about the many “loves” of your life 🙂


  3. taiwoon says:

    Da Man! bow down!


  4. Fiona says:


    Very interested in doing a similar bike trip that you did in Sumatra (Medan – Sibolga). Would love to ask you some questions or get more information if you were interested in sharing!!


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