Gunung Jerai-Jeniang-Baling-Pengkalan Hulu-Betong

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Mountain Bike Touring North West Malaysia 2014
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15th May 2014, 95 kms

Rte 175, K 15, 154, 76, 77,  (4106 Thailand)


A 4 star buffet spread? Far from it, but when expectations are lowered, it doesn’t seem so bad. Except that in most other establishments, hotel staff helping themselves to the buffet together with guests is  not a sight to behold. At least I managed to get some ice cubes for my ride today. And freshly grounded coffee from the resort’s bar.


Ready to ride into the mist. There’s another road that goes higher up to some transmission towers. I found that out after the trip looking at Google Maps. Might be interesting, though I don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon as my last time here was way back in 1992.


 Nice sweeping curves down the mountain. Lots of them.


The occasional openings through the trees reveal our destination for today. Across those hills to the Thai border town of Betong.


The metropolis of Gurun as seen from an overpass across some rail tracks. Eastern flank of Jerai in the background. Instead of heading back south to Sungei Petani, we cut eastwards along the shorter and quieter route175 to Jeniang.


Many new overpasses are now built over the north south main railway lines. No more conflict with trains but quite a haul if on a loaded bicycle.


Have you been to Jeniang, a small cross roads village? There’s a very nice lady with a rice and dishes stall. Just grab a ladle and help yourselves. We have ridden about 40 kms.



One of the odder sights on this trip.


Karst landscape of inner Kedah


We stop at Baling for another snack. Char kuay teow. A heavy drizzle led me to put the bikes more into this small coffee shop. No one batted an eyelid.


Small town Baling is close to the border or so I thought.


Well it was 15 kms close but with the biggest hills for today’s ride, maybe 10 kms of rolling and steep climbs toward Pengkalan Hulu. Blah ! Only saving grace was that we will ride back downhill part of this way.


The jungle scenery was as good as it can get. It was cloudy all day, so our tans will be even and not too intense.


A must take photo before that marker is removed. It dates back to British Malaya, I guess…


Entering Thailand, only another 7 kms to go to Betong.


We settled into the Thai Betong Hotel. Easy reservations via email without any upfront payment. Thb 800. Bikes into the small elevator and into the room. 2 nights in a new town.

P1140759Finally, some Thai


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