Nan (the temple edition)

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Mountain Bike Touring North Thailand 2014
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1st Dec 2014


I won’t profess to be a Thai temple aficionado because I am not. Thai temples have been a source for great photography, especially in the cool season when skies are a deep blue. They also are hiding grounds for all manner of stray dogs, who take refuge in their grounds, from abusers, from traffic and generally human selfishness. Most are abandoned in the dead of night. Thai temple ground are also providers of great shade from the scorching sun, and sometimes a clean toilet for those bowel emergencies. In the larger towns like Chiang Mai, food vendors set up stalls in the temple grounds during Walking Street. A smart way of keeping food stalls off the street.

Nan temples have upped their game. They have secure bicycle parking.

I have now opened a book of mine. A Guide to Northern Thailand and the Ancient Kingdom of Lanna, by Michael Freeman. $24.95

It has a section on the Nan Valley at page 176. I will plagarise some sections so that you will be sufficiently informed, if you want to visit Nan and revel in it’s temples, like I did. Or you could buy the book in Thailand, it costs much less than $25.



The whitewashed exterior of Wat Hua Kuang are a start contrast to the deep blue skies. It is old as major renovations took place in 1860. Same age as Wat Phumin somewhere in the 1600’s






Gilded golden nagas. If ever I get tattooed here’s an idea


A boisterous bunch of ladies on a temple tour. We kept seeing them on this bus as well we were also doing our rounds on our bike, only faster. They were pretty noisy even inside the temples, but just look at the fun they were having. I have a video  somewhere…






Wat Pra That  Chang Kham Vora. It’s chedi has 24 ‘fore elephants’ 6 on each side of the square base representing Mount Meru and is supposedly a very Sri Lankan influence, that arrived in the Kingdom via Sri Satchanalai, a town that I visited in 2010.



In another time, this was main street Nan


Wat Phumin 1596, is said to be the city’s finest. It’s 4 sided with 4 entrances flanked by massive naga (dragon) balustrades. I did not enter because I plain forgot, missing the famous whispering murals that is on every painting and t shirt in town. Ahh next time.


It’s hellish inside !



I hope I don’t dream of you guys tonight !



Another fantastic find, the Nan Lanna Hotel. Brand new at Thb 600


A rare instance where shower and pooping areas are separated. The designers passed their exams and the owners were not stingy. We shall return.


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