Taipei 2012 Bike Show

Posted: April 11, 2015 in MTB Touring Taiwan 2012

Thursday March 8, 2012

The Taipei bike show is something else. For one, there are no motorcycles and two, it’s a show. We got in on the 2nd day reserved for trade visitors. Trade visitors trade, make contacts, exchange name cards and order in bulk. Then they go out to dinner and drinks and make more deals.

We are tourists. How we got in as trade visitors is another story. If you turn up with wads of cash, most things are not for sale, but for show. Of course I was aware of that fact, and also that if you’re there on the last and closing day, you may be able to buy something, and score some good deals, as not all exhibitors will want to cart back to whatever they’ve brought back home.

Having seen some mega bike shops in town, I knew there were better deals and finds to be had in those places.

My dilemma for now, was not that we were on a spending spree of what we’ve not seen, but after 3 to 4 hours of trolling the booths and halls, you wonder if a better time can be had elsewhere, outside of the show. The short answer to that question, is yes. However if you like to see, hear, smell and touch, the latest in bicycledom, 2 days on the exhibition floors should do it. Just be sure to satiate youself and have good walking shoes, and not think too much on seeing the sights of Taipei. It got quite mind numbing for me just to take 300 photos of all things related to two wheeled pedalling.

While we were blessed with perfect summertime weather during the cycling days, the final 72 hours in Taipei were wet and miserable, so being indoors was OK, but there’s always hope of semi dry roads for us to put in some distances, even though they were just riverside bike paths. That wish turned out to be, Fat Hope.

P1280467 P1280475 P1280476 P1280513P1280481P1280482P1280487P1280494P1280495P1280505P1280511P1280533P1280561P1280563P1280566P1280568P1280569P1280583


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