Vientiane, Nong Khai, Tha Bo, Si Chiang Mai to Sang Khom 115 kms

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Mekong River Ride 2014
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We got off the main road 211, near Si Chiangmai, a small town facing Vientiane across the Mekong. If there was a border crossing right here, we wouldn’t have to detour 70 kms.



Possibly the best deal so far for what we paid. There are 3 clusters of buildings here. The concrete river facing ones are newest but small and were also booked out. Fairly older ones but still well maintained were being renovated and not too habitable. They still faced the river and it’s awesome views. We were directed to another block where the owners also stayed. How ‘bad’ could it be ? Back home this would cost $200 or more easy.

Here? Thb 500 plus breakfast. The river facing ones are Thb 600. Koi’s husband is a South African, an investment banker and is currently in Dubai. They lived in Singapore for 5 years in early 2000s, when it wasn’t over populated, and we had a good chat updating her.


Note : Shower at the other end. No wet toilet seat !


Corner room # 4 has a little lounging space outside with a glimpse of the Mekong on the left. I wished I had another day here.

They like to call this a ‘Cambodian breakfast’ but I happen to see this in all the Mekong towns in Thailand.

The entrance to a small slice of paradise


Trust me. It is new !


The air conditioned oasis that is ‘Love is Cafe’ in Pak Chom. If you want to cycle with the sunset in your eyes, spend an hour or 2 here.


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