Sang Khom to Chiang Khan 110 kms

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Mekong River Ride 2014
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I heard Valentine’s Day is near. Some parts and eventually most of Route 211 will look like this. Fantastic for Lamborghinis and time trial Cervelos. Cyclists will save a few minutes here and there but the roasting for those doing 22 kmp/h average is ON. The wide shoulders are nice but all the tall tress that once stood are gone. Where possible we rode on the opposite and shadier lane.


Amazon Coffee lives up to it’s name. Thick gardening, running water in a fake stream or mini waterfall and cool AC goodness in a glass shrouded room. The coffee is not spectacular but adequate. An oasis in tthe back of the larger gas stations.


Reached Chiang Khan after sunset. A porch all to ourselves. We had the keys to the gate, front door and our room.


Inside our little home. Old Thai teak furniture, the chairs were very heavy. Our host ‘Patty’ had just dropped by with a fruit platter and a jug of water, with a promise of more fruit and fresh bread the next morning !


One of the rooms at Ban Hao, our was a bit larger and way messier after we opened our panniers. ‘Wooden rooms’ (wooden floors presumably) on the second floor and ‘ceramic rooms’ (ie. tiled floors) on the ground floor.


A very well kept bathroom and lots of complimentary toiletries. Not all rooms have bathrooms attached. These are old Thai houses where the upper floor is mostly wooden and bathrooms are out back.


We won’t be thirsty.


A gem in Chiang Khan town, of late getting very touristy. So it’s Thb 600 tonight. There are 2 locations, this being the older house along the main road, 2195. The second house where we stayed, down a side lane is much quieter and has a lot of space for bikes.


A proper bike shop in old Chiang Khan. Lots of clothing (jerseys from Bangkok) and some adventure gear (ie. North Face and Timberland from the back doors of factories in China) I assume they will have some proper tools and (saw) some spares for sale, if one ever needs them. Owner’s wife says they are open 7 days a week, and she has a small coffee and toast stall in the mornings.


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