Chiang Khan to Ban Pak Huay 57 kms

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Mekong River Ride 2014
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We left Chiang Khan at noon, and I knew that the planned 135 kms to Dan Sai with some hills thrown in was not going to happen. Plan B to Ban Pak Huai then.


A major crossroads for this region. 211 morphs into the 2195 heading mostly west. Behind me is the 201 south to Loei city. Ban Hao is just after this junction on the 2195 to your left, where a side lane heads south.


A friendly mutt keeps us company as I fix a flat in the shade. I used a tube that was given to me by the bike shop ‘for good luck’ Indeed the shop was 3 kms before this happened.


The Mekong in the distance. Loei river feeding into it. Very quiet along the 2195. Perfect.


Not easy to get lost unless one relies on Google maps too much …


First real hills since the start of the trip. Legions of noisy barking farm dogs waiting to chase us too. They are harmless mongrels, giving up the chase once we cross into their neighbour’s property. Then there are those playful ones running alongside us, tongues handing out and ‘smiling’ for quite a distance …


I hit a big pothole going down hill at about 45 kmp/h and this happened. No time to hit the brakes. LHT and 2.0 tyres saved the day.


Major cross roads just before Ban Pak Huai. Google maps would have you go straight, ie right to left in the picture …


…….but that leads 3 kms to Ban Nong Phu, a small village along the border. From Chiang Khan turn left at the unmanned checkpoint and lo and behold there are signs for Ban Pak Huai. I reconfirmed this with a local driver. Prior to this a few junctions that were on Google maps, were nowhere to be seen on the actual road ….


Vivian Chow on our bathroom door. She’s a Hong Kong actress. AC rooms at Thb 400 and fan rooms at Thb 300. Ladyboy at reception not included.


It looks pretty new, maybe 6 months old. No wifi. Oh the horror …. but well worth the 11 hours of intermittent rest with a queasy tummy. Also no restaurant on site. The market is just a km or 2 down the road.


Usually we’re pretty neat, but without a proper wardrobe, the floor takes over….


This is what makes it all worthwhile. I take a stroll around the grounds and ended up with this shot just behind our hut.


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