2009 14 inch Voodoo Bizango

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Bikes

14 inches fm BB to seat collar and an amazingly minute 12 inches to the top tube.

Hanging around bike shops can be dangerous. Hanging around bike shops with like minded friends is worse. Hanging around bike shops with an ongoing sale/closeout WITH my wife, and seeing this Voodoo in a micro 14 inch size meant we wont be going home empty handed. Truth be told her ageing Marin of 11 years was well ageing. See ‘Miss Marin’ in the menu bar above.

The frame was going for S$500. Ordinarily I’ve seen this in Thailand at Thb 20,000. Divide that by 3 and you have the equivalent US$ price. Actually another friend/customer was holding it in his hands, another bike for his teenage daughter. He put it back on the rack and I took it and held it like a baby. It’s ours. He ended up buying a 15 in carbon/alu Voodoo. We’re delighted as it’s near impossible to get one in a 14 inch, as far as I know. The shop also had one in a 17 inch, my perfect size, like I needed another bike….want…maybe….aaarrrgghhhhh !!


Funky Voodoo head badge


853 steel !


Joe Breeze dropouts, love em or hate em. Hey the guy was building cult mountain bikes in the 80’s….almost thoughtful rear rack mounts, right side one is conventionally perfect, left side needs some tweaking with a spacer, unless you want some frame gouging… well there are already some scuffs as you can see from hanging in the shop for a few years, the tech term is ‘shop soiled’


‘Breeze’ stamped on the right drop out.


The Specialized rear touring rack bought in 1994, (look at the scratches and dents) was going to be a challenge. On a frame this small, long struts were going to be needed, to keep the rack level, and not unprofessionally tilted forward…..


Out comes the extra long Topeak struts that came with the Topeak Super Tourist rack that is on my LHT at the moment. Shorter strut pictured is as long as they come in. No problems if your frame and seat stay aren’t that small as a 14 in Voodoo. These bits of steel are part of a rack when you purchase them. If you don’t DIY some smarter bike shops will just keep them aside and well, they’ll cost some $10 or $20 when you or someone else needs them, urgently….


On a race frame or a really small frame, clearances are tighter than tight. While I appreciate the rack braze ons and holes on the dropouts/seatstays, the rack strut will dig into the frame IF I hadn’t found a spacer before screwing things in….the clearance here seems to be abt 1 – 2 mm ….


Something else that I had to put together with some trolling through my parts bins and boxes. If the bike was running V or disc brakes, that would be too simple. I’m running canti brakes and that requires a canti cable stop of which the Voodoo has NONE. This Frankenstein ish clamp is from Shimano when they used to make clamps for their cables that ran along top tubes of skinny steel bikes. No cable guides back then in the 70s. On closer inspection this is actually a clamp for mounting bottle cages. Yes, also on skinny steel tubes. The bottle cage bolt is where I screwed in that purple bolt which now holds my aluminium cable stop ! That item too had to be filed down to fit the bike…..


Here it is in all it’s complexity. Clamp goes around the top of seat tube close to the seat collar. Rear brake cable slots into cale stop which barely clears the left rack strut by 1 mm. It’s in a position so that I get an optimal spot for the purplish brake hanger to pull the M900 era XTR cantis , equally. Another bugbear was the lack of braze ons for the struts. Well it’s a race frame, and braze ons are just too not racy. Braze ons also cost more in time and money. ‘P’ clamps to the rescue then. Those rubber coated steel clamps that wrap around the seat stays.  I’ve since move the struts higher to the seatpost. Slotted in a mid sized seat collar with a quick release. So much neater.


Initial set up with a 1994 AMP Research fork. It was a tad too high for the front…..


Tour ready with my older Kona Project 2 steel fork. Looking good…


Her new front wheel. Superlight 1994 Ultegra front road hub, Hoshi bladed spokes radially laced and cheap but good DT Swiss 340 rims that were on sale for an amazing $30 each. I bought 2 pairs in a flash.


Rear wheels has a 2005? XT hub. The last of those made in Japan, on sale too at $30 I think….we then went to Indonesia. Shopping included a 10 speed XT partial groupset for this bike at a steal….Thanks Rodalink! I mean brand new XT shifters at about US$40 ?!?

First ever touring duty. Lost in the padi fields of Kedah, West Malaysia.

First ever touring duty. Lost in the padi fields of Kedah, West Malaysia.


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