1993 GT Backwoods

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Bikes

Another ‘itchy hands’ project. GTs are hard to come by. Found this in an old timer’s bike shop, encrusted in old dirt and grime. Tooks a few days of elbow grease to reveal it’s former glory and sheen. From the looks of it, it had been used hard, but GTs like this can take a beating and more. Scuffs and scratches actually added to it’s character. Turned out quite OK, as metallic green and red were the only colours at that time. I thinks there’s more, even a titanium one that was incredibly not light. Not the gorgeous Zixang or Xizang? but the Tempest. This was $80 of fun to relive the days when I actually had a decal-less polished GT. See menu above or https://chrisgrrr.wordpress.com/gt-zaskar/


The brand that prides itself on this little triangle. Terribly stiff and hefty on some models


Stiffening plate with thick juicy welds behind the seat tube.


Claim to fame and strength.


Enough parts lying around to build this


Assembled right out of that puny box. Trying it out just for fun from a box that’s the height of the wheels. The secret? Had to remove the sus fork. Another 10 mins work.


In Penang, Malaysia


Dont go riding at midnight in Penang. The roads were eerily quiet until the rains came….dripped chain lube and brake pad gunk all over the hotel lobby….


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