1992 American Comp Lite

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Bikes

Gorgeous black powdercoat almost 2.5 decades old

I’ll call this my really lucky find. For so many reasons. Let’s start with the only negative one. I don’t need another bike to build up. I did think over it, over the weekend before rushing down on Monday to grab it.

And the positives. There is a list.

1. It is a 1992 American Comp Lite. It is 99% new. Clean, greaseless, scratch free dropouts and BB shell.

2. Got it for a song. Listed at US $750 – $1000 back in the early 90’s. Got it for Malaysian$450. (US$150) Don’t bargain the nice lady said. My hand was reaching for my wallet before that. I stiil wonder how it ended up in a small shop in a small  town. Most of the inventory there were Dahon folding bikes.

3. Again it was 99% new.

4. The one inch headset was going to be a nice challenge. I was lucky to find GT fork at first. but it was too short and slightly bent. The second one and aluminium, threaded one inch, WITH disc tabs was Godsend. It’s quite the abomination really. Newish beautiful curves and slight rake but with a disc tabs? It was as quirky as the bike shop I got it from. $100. OK for my ‘look of desperation’ value. Installed a week before our Thailand trip.

5. Overall, it rides like a dream, tours like a dream.

6. Rear racks were a problem. No tapped holes on the thick fat dropouts! Seat post clamped racks are out for me. Can’t take heavy loads and are butt ugly. I was thus very blessed when a friend who was relocating, gave me his newish used once, Thule, ex Freeload rack. It cleverly attaches via 4 canvas straps onto any bike’s seat stays or front forks. Infinitely adjustable. My most pricey and free rack. Thanks a million, George Lim !


3 guitar strings, rather outer sleeves from Gore Tex cabling kit


Scot Superbrake with air cooling fins. What a load of marketing to justify the $30 tag in 1992. Bought from a bike shop in Bali of all places. Still squeals when it feels like doing so…..could be replaced with good ol XTR pads sometime.


Dug up a pair of hot red Kooka Racha levers. Almost a dollar a gram during the weight weenie years. Glad to see some still on ebay at $120 and up. Smooth shifting 9 speed XT shifter pod is recycled from wifey’s old Marin mtb

First ever touring duty. Lost in the padi fields of Kedah, West Malaysia.

First ever touring duty. Lost in the padi fields of Kedah, West Malaysia.


Out on a coffee , and coffee beans run


Was going to install this beautiful Nitto flat bar but I guess with age and strained shoulders, riser bars are more practical.


How to rack up and tour with the Comp Lite. Freeload NZ now Thule’s 4 strap attachment on the seat stays


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