A double whammy

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Hotels and Resorts
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It’s raining cats and dogs and every other living organism known to mankind. Whilst I recognise the need for moisture to sustain life on this planet, would it be too much to ask if the rains can be kept to a more convenient time frame, say from 11 pm to 6 am ???

Why a double whammy you ask ? Well when it rains, cycling is out and when it rains, kite flying is out too. Accompanied by lightning, there is the risk of frying one’s kite as well as oneself.

OK one good thing about the incessant rains is that this rant will end with some photos of a nice hotel we stayed in recently. If anything, it’ll give some nice ideas on interior decoration like designer rain showers for the bath.  And I’ve also stumbled upon the slideshow feature for WP. 2 good things about the rain today which I might add is easing up. Yippee !


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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