A vacation from the vacation

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Andaman Coast and Phuket Road Trip 2011
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Anna from Amsterdam shows us our villa and asks for a credit card, in case we exceed the Thb 5000 / $200 limit for the minibar. I don't think so

It It was no coincidence that we had to check into the Banyan Tree Phuket resort after the G’s flights home . Coleen had won a 3 night stay there, at a media event (ie sponsor’s givaways)  last December. It was worth US$1950 and we had the chance to redeem it almost 7 months later. Having the G’s on a road trip to Phuket for 6 whole days, that was the coincidence. Friday to Sunday was our ‘now time’

With our G-sitting duties done, I spent most of my time by the pool, on the deck chair, checking out cloud movements during the day and the stars during the night, while indoors, well one can zone out in the jacuzzi or in front of the  big screen. I don’t recall my board shorts being completely dry in those 72 hours.

One huge room with a mattress on the raised floor

Office ? Nope !

The living room opens to this

Keeping out prying eyes

This was left outside our door. Did not use it at all as the tyres were half inflated and seat post was stuck

The grounds were really expansive and well manicured, a far cry from the abandoned tin mining pools in the 70's

On our walks we got to see the 'double pool' villas. One word, huge

a second pool surrounds the glass walled bedroom

What a living room

Even after a heavy downpour, the sunset on the Andaman Sea was amazing

  1. phillbean says:

    Wow! Do places like this exist? Where have I been all my life?


  2. ChrisW says:

    “Where have I been all my life?”

    A. Little red dot ?

    The resorts in Bali are even more astounding !


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