Seeking wanderlust

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Hotels and Resorts
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A name with many twinking lights to get you wondering

Down in the depths of Serangoon Road or rather Singapore’s ‘Little India’ we chanced upon a quirky establishment billing itself as just ‘Wanderlust’ A bronze plaque on a ground floor pillar gives some insight into the building’s history. It was old, it was a former boys’ school, (in the 1930’s) it was imposing in it’s heyday and I believe if it’s been gazetted as a conservation building by our urban planning authorities, it cannot be torn down.

However, gutting the insides totally and turning it into a hip hotel and restaurant, while leaving the exterior in it’s refurbished splendour is OK. Besides it’s cheeky name, one has also to ‘wonder’ what dining and spending a night here will lead to. You will need 29 nights to try out each different themed room.

We had a room, rather loft with some ‘vegetation’ on the ceiling. Officially, it’s called the ‘tree monster’ The steel ladder made for a good workout!

On the lower level, there’s a bath and toilet, and a flat screen TV to the right of a small desk. There’s a larger 42″ TV in the loft… fighting over the remote

The bath is a tight squeeze with a view of the street below, or of yourself if the shades are up

I got a bit dizzy looking at all that mosaic

Had a peek into the ‘princess’ themed room. Double glazed windows as in our room to keep the street noise (unsuccessfully) out

I don’t know what to make of this but it’s not leading to a diving board, but another loft bedroom

The jacuzzi at the back of the hotel


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