In the lap of luxury

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Hotels and Resorts
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Yes, it’s an early model, but it’s still a limo, at the resort’s reception

I don’t even know how to tag this place, I guess the word ‘kingdom’ comes to mind. In 2006 we were blessed to have entered this little Lanna kingdom unto itself. More importantly, after traveling rough and lugging backpacks around north Thailand, we checked into the very lush and exclusive Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi resort in Chiang Mai. It was huge, all 60 acres of it. The kind of place in which you don’t haggle over the room rates at reception, the staff are better dressed than you, and the, ahem , keys to the deluxe spa villa are attached to a huge heavy keychain made out of pure silver. As our room, ahem villa was quite a distance away, our backpacks and bodies were transported there by an electric golf cart. We’ll have to save the hose drawn carts for getting to dinner.

This is a library I could get used too. Between bouts of internet explorer and trolling the CD’s and DVD shelves, the always smiling librarian will come by with coffee or tea and biscuits, and of course you specify the type of coffee or tea.

This was part of the furniture in our Villa # 7

Of course they put in a sauna room behind the kitchen

and a cosy potty so you don’t have to climb upstairs

the coffee machine was locked and loaded

the ground floor living room which we passed by occasionally

the ground floor terrace and jaccuzi # 1 under the sala

Waiting outside Villa # 7 for our buggy

A large PDF map of the ‘Kingdom’ resort_map


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