Who am I kidding? Before heading home the shortest way I know how, as the skies were darkening, I got side tracked by the National Park Board’s efforts. More manicured riding trails and the Alfred Russel Wallace Centre at the foot of Singapore’s highest point, Bulit Timah Hill. A 581 feet high hill if  I remember my geography correctly.

As cycling up to the summit is a big no no now, even since 2.5 decades back when I first rode up and got a good tongue lashing, from security up there. I carried on cycling on the happy trails near the Dairy Farm park and Zhenghua park connector. The ride ended when there was no more ‘park connector’ left, I did not fancy crossing 6 lanes of traffic, so I headed home along Upper Bukit Timah Road chock full with closed sidewalks, bus lanes and shiny SUV’s.

Riding with the sounds of traffic through the trees. It's the thick grey bar at the top of the map

Part of this civilised trail goes under the expressway with the hot mid day sun casting an eerie green glow under the bridge

Leaving the sounds of the highway I head towards the hill itself

There's just 1000 meters of real riding before I hit the gates, metal barriers not a train crossing

effectively at the end of any more dirt trails

Nice toilets at the Wallace Center

Stressed out forest wildlife apparently traumatised by dogs and bicycle gear changes

the water was cold but had a hint of ammonia....

a nice steep 'unridable' hill

I skirt the base of the hill for a few more minutes through some undergrowth

It all ends abruptly at a car park near the Dairy Farm condo.

Before the promise of more underground railways, the 10 year old school kid here will just have to rely on taxis. As the skies darken like clockwork every afternoon, I hustle up and start riding in the low 30’s (kmp/h that is) trying to beat the rain. No such luck as I get rained on 5 minutes away from home. 5 hours later I’m rewarded with another amazing sunset before dinner. Life is Good.

Time for a new rear tyre, this one's balder than Bruce Willis

Day's end at MacRitchie Reservoir, I pass here almost everyday



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