Tuk Tuk: Luxuriating, just a bit

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Mountain bike touring North Sumatra 2008
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Friday April 18, 2008, 15 km (9 miles) – Total so far: 256 km (159 miles)

On the ferry to Tuk Tuk

A profusion of used book shops with shelves of books in a dozen languages, is a sure sign that life on the island is as slow as the boats plying Lake Toba’s waters. With the other major pastime being jumping into the lake from a floating platform offshore, our bicycles are going to come in real handy. Might play tourist and check out some ancient granite tombs, human sacrificial and burial grounds in a ‘showcase’ type of village. Yuks! ‘Samosir’ loosely translates as ‘Island of the Dead’ I wonder why.

What a ferry ride across the lake today, blue skies, white puffy clouds and a 3 year old piloting our boat. Well he was on his father’s lap and steering!

Laundry, siesta, diving board into the lake. Pretty much sums up life on Samosir. Nibbled on steamed peanuts while watching our laundry dry in a cool afternoon wind.

Most guest houses have their own private pools and jetties

Rode to see the ancient 200 years old I think, stone coffins and got waylaid by some enterprising massage ladies in the middle of nowhere.

As long as we didnt mind the pounding music from the aerobics studio upstairs. We were invited too, as if we didnt have enough aches in our legs already. Round two tomorrow morning, maybe. We smell like a local coconut oiled, braakfast delicacy.

It was also nice to see more tourists returning to the island but maybe I spoke too soon.

The night wasnt that great though. Aeging partying backpackers trying to play guitar and sing till about 4 am below our balcony. Never heard American Pie being trashed so bad. Thank God for ear plugs! And Shimano cleats to walk and stomp over wooden floors above said backpackers, as I went through my routine from 6 am onwards. I think one of them removed my valve caps and cyclometer magnet the next morning, but hey I carry spares, magnets too.

Good, cheap, touristy food....I was pleasantly shocked !


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