Saturday May 16, 2009, 25 km (16 miles) – Total so far: 172 km (107 miles)

A new hotel room at just $15 / Ro 150,000 a night

Malang is experiencing a revival of sorts. It’s common to hear the phrase, ‘Tempoe Doeloe’ really an old colonial way of spelling ‘Tempo Dulu’ which is ‘Old Tempo’ or ‘Times of Old’ Cities like Yogyakarta and Solo in Central Java have the same revivalist spirit going on. For the visitor, these are exciting times. Parades, town fairs, exhibitions of an era gone by are held a few times a year. I will miss one in Malang by just a few days. For us cyclists, I would have to time a trip when collectors of old bicycles and vintage cars take to the streets. The riders even play the part, dressed up in stiff cotton uniforms of the Dutch traffic wardens and policemen. To the real Dutchmen in decades past, this town with cool weather and clean air, was the Paris of Java.

In between breakfast and lunch, we cycled 20 odd kms in search of the local bicycle shops for Paul to brush off the dust from his Visa card. After gawking at suspension systems and endless Shimano stuff, I took off to see some old and new hotels, side streets, and generally try to take my mind of all things cycling related, for a few hours at least.

Malang's bird market, also has dog, cats, monkeys, poultry, rabbits, snakes, fish etc for sale


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