Day 15: Fuel for the road

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Cycle touring Mountain biking Bali, Indonesia 2006, 2008
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Sunday May 21, 2006

Here’s some pictures of what every cyclist to Bali needs : Food, glorious food which we saw, ran away from and/or ate during our trip. Warning, carcasses included.

The experimentation begins! Here’s Coleen’s garden salad with edible flowers on a table made from some recycled tiles. And yes one of the owners is from California

Typical non tourist warung with a kitchen behind, toiletry, stationery, pharmacy, snack, fizzy drink, basket, clothing, vegetable and fruit shop out front

Bottled water can be found in warungs all over Bali. Rp 3000 or 40 cents for the large 1.5 liter one, Rp 2000 from the larger supermarkets. Rp 1000 if you buy just a refill from some of the more earth friendly shops. The brand Danone Aqua seems to taste the best. There’s a ‘factory’ or rather a source where it’s bottled, in a village called Mambal, just outside Ubud. Tours of the factory available. Camelbak users, if you leave your bladder in a fridge overnight, your back could be chilled for a couple of cycling hours.

A Balinese staple, con-fusion style. Gado gado which means mixture, of boiled vegetables mixed in a spicy peanut sauce and a side order of rice inspired by the pyramids, $5

A dark chocolate topped coffee cake for dessert, $4. Romantic ambient light, priceless

Crispy fried noodles topped with stir fried veggies. About $2

Nasi campur or mixed rice on a platter. Usually the side orders are piled on randomly on a plate which I like to refer as rice with ‘slop’. It can get messy if there’s gravy or uncut meat and seafood. That’s wet slop. I like this dry pleasing to the eye slop, with deep fried tofu and some crackers. $1.50 of pure simplicity

These were to go, right back to Singapore, but we polished off most of it on the plane!

Oh yes, satay. Barbequed meat on a stick. Usually marinated chicken or beef. There’s also pork or lamb. Once in a while someone will be innovative and disguise rat or dog meat as satay. Lots of variants all over South East Asia. Eaten dipped in a spicy peanut sauce.

I came to a screeching stop for the picture only. Babi guling or whole roasted pig is a Balinese speciality and takes center stage in any warung. As it was late in the day, I didnt get to see the rest of it.

I think it’s going to be smoked duck for dinner tonight.

No, leave them alone


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