1992 American Comp Lite

994381_10202274277916050_1623174303_n Guitar strings
!st build. Needs a better tracking 1″ fork
1424484_10202274273875949_1410032055_n Scott Superbrake with horizontal cooling fins. What a load of marketing. Still squeals but outlived it’s $30/pair price tag. Kooka Racha levers from the 90’s. Still selling on ebay for a nice $100 and up.
First ever touring duty. Lost in the padi fields of Kedah, West Malaysia.
First ever touring duty. Lost in the padi fields of Kedah, West Malaysia.


Ooooh Taiwan

Saturday March 3, 2012

Taiwan had been off my travel radar for decades. It would take a lot of nudging even to even consider landing there, say when crossing the Pacific, which was an even rarer occurence. But my how times and things have changed. In a pinch, how does one resist a meticulously planned 5 day ride up and across the island’s highest road topping out at 3275 m? Followed by an almost 90 kms of downhilling right to sea level, the next day? Resistance was futile. Even my better half succumbed.

A proposal one night by a cycling friend who frequents the island many times each year, sealed the deal. Before we knew it, and it was just in a matter of days, a handful of those who expressed interest in the trip soon snowballed into a group of 20 adults and 2 toddlers and 17 bikes of all shapes, sizes and persuasion. Air tickets were snapped up on JetStar, 20 kgs into Taiwan and 30 kgs and more on the return leg.

Sounds like fun ? It was. Waiting for the D date, that was excruciating, so much so that, even I had to be ‘sedated’ of sorts and orgainsed a short trip into Thailand as a precursor to this trip.

This much delayed write up can also be blamed on time, or a lack of it, being spent elsewhere, like rediscovering my road bike, and researching our next trip to Formosa in the coming months, but it’s going to be worth it.

A lot has happened since …..and with beautiful memories nicely captured by master videographer Joeel Lee and friends


A more complete analysis here,


A double whammy

It’s raining cats and dogs and every other living organism known to mankind. Whilst I recognise the need for moisture to sustain life on this planet, would it be too much to ask if the rains can be kept to a more convenient time frame, say from 11 pm to 6 am ???

Why a double whammy you ask ? Well when it rains, cycling is out and when it rains, kite flying is out too. Accompanied by lightning, there is the risk of frying one’s kite as well as oneself.

OK one good thing about the incessant rains is that this rant will end with some photos of a nice hotel we stayed in recently. If anything, it’ll give some nice ideas on interior decoration like designer rain showers for the bath. ¬†And I’ve also stumbled upon the slideshow feature for WP. 2 good things about the rain today which I might add is easing up. Yippee !


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